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Mister H- Biography

MISTER H shows a love of his work that is dangerously infectious. Just stop and look at him when he's behind the 'decks' and you can't mistake his ecstatic visage, dripping with sweat as his head bobs up and down to the beat of the music.

In 1994, aged 13, MISTER H began 'mixing' on his family hi-fi system when he discovered that he could play tapes from both tape decks at the same time! By the age of 16, he got a set of turntables and began DJing for school parties and private functions in his home town. House and Acid House was the first music genre that caught his attention and captivated him. MISTER H's main influence is the world famous DJ and Acid-House pioneer, DJ Carl Cox. At the age of 18, he used to watch, listen and learn how Carl Cox mastered the turntables and sent the crowd wild!. From this, he developed his own unique style. 

Within a few years, his family and heritage roots lead the path to desi beats and mainly the thunderous sound of Bhangra. In this arena, MISTER H learned to become, and still is a true entertainer, with his intelligent mixing of music styles, reading and understanding of the crowd and his charismatic microphone presence. 

He still maintains and assures that..."Music is in the heart, blood and soul of me"

With over 20 years and counting of sheer love and passion for music , he still believes that things can only get better, and in fact...."this is only the beginning!..."

"No performance is the same...keep the crowd on their toes with live, uninterrupted mixing and energetic entertainment"....MISTER H.

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